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Humbleness: The sure fire way to get success in anything you want!

Humbleness, the art of softness.

Hey guys. I’m working on my vision for this site and blog. Ill be updating soon to provide a better service to you all! Today I wish to talk about the art of humbleness.

Being humble to me means the willingness to suck to be better. For me, I block myself from improving. We are never done, we never stop growing. Even at a cosmic level, life is always in motion. Eternity never stops moving, neither should you.

Its often tough to admit to ourselves that we can be, do and have better. It’s hard to look at our own perveives flaws and deal with them. However, there is one fundamental truth I learned from conversations of God. “What you resist persists, what you look at goes away.”

When I would try to run away from my problems, I would great such a big resistance that I would make smaller avoidable problems into big monstrosities. For instance, when I was yo-yoing on my diet, I would ignore the problem. I would tell myself “your crazy if you think you’re gaining weight! It’s just muscle.” Although the mirror and scale said something else entirely. I got so big that I had an emotional breakdown.

Only when I took responsibility and asked for help did I get control on my weight. I told myself, you know what “somebody out there found an answer to my problem, and has a way to help me.” That’s when I bought Kino Body, a workout program. I lost 20 pounds (~10 kg)

It was because I was willing to put my ego out of the way and asked for help did I get help. Asking for help is okay. Nothing is beyond fixing or getting better. If you’re struggling with anything, money, relationships, body issues, you can bet somebody has already dealt with it and found a solution.

Being humble is being vulnerable but not weak. There is a great stoic quote that explains this.”What hinders your task, is your task.”-Whatever is stopping you from being your best version is the quest the universe has given you.

Being humble is saying, thank you universe for giving me this challenge to grow. I trust in your higher wisdom abe I will take the call. If you resist it, you feel pain. That is nit because the universe is malevolent, it does it to wake you up. We are so powerful, yet we forget.

Humbleness is also knowing the fact that no one is better or worse than you. We are all creators. Yes, there are differences, advantages, and disadvantages, but fundamentally no one is better or worse. We are all one being. If one man can do one thing, so can another. People who have faced dire circumstances rose to the top. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Dr. Wayne Dyer. If they became successful so can you.

Humbleness is being gentle with yourself. When I think of humbleness, I think of something soft. I used to fall into the trap believing if I was always tough on myself I can improve myself. However, as a Catch 22, the harder I was on myself the less driven I was to do anything. Love yourself like the Sun loves the earth. Not once did the Sun say “You owe me.” We are all in the same boat. We all want happiness, peace, and love. Be humble.

That’s all for today!


How to make your worst enemy your best teacher in 3 easy steps!

How your worst enemy is your best teacher

Growing up I wasn’t very kind to myself. That made me a very angry person. I almost can’t believe how sensitive I was just even two years ago. My ego was like a small but ravenous dog. I was starving for love. Of course, I had very loving parents, but nobody’s perfect. I used to have a friend Theo. His family were morbidly obese, poor and thought very highly of themselves. They wouldn’t even second guess putting somebody down, often it was me. I honor them now as teachers. I saw just exactly what the ego can do to a body.

Theo’s house was a complete mess. The house looked like it was should be on an episode of hoarders. Theo would call me dork monkey. Sounds ridiculous, because it was. Every time he said that my heart would drop and I would feel rage build within in me. I got so angry over something so stupid. “How dare he call me that?! I’m not a dork monkey! I’m smart” For many years I would question my own intelligence. Even though innately I would know that I’m intelligent I would still feel awful every time I did a stupid mistake.

Now Theo was nice in the beginning. It started in 6th grade. He invited me to play Halo. We were both nerdy, loved video games. We shared stories, talked about our crushes, typical stuff. But I think both of us hated ourselves. I tried my best not to be mean to others, but Theo would use any opportunity to make me feel dumb or insignificant. It even came to a point where I would hit him every time he called me dork-monkey, but even violence didn’t stop him. Now he didn’t bully me all the time, but it got increasingly worse and worse until one day I snapped.

I can’t remember what exactly triggered me. We were talking on Xbox live. We sent each other voice messages. All I can recall was he sent a particularly nasty message to me. “Hey dork monkey why the fuck don’t you join my fucking game.” My body filled up with rage. We went into a party chat, where you can talk like over the phone. I just railed on him. All my pent up anger, my resentment towards him, all his negative self-perception of me. I never screamed so loud in my life. It felt great though. I finally put my foot down.

Theo was silent the whole time, a very rare thing for him. Over the next few weeks, he tried to repair our relationship, but I already had cut ties with him. I sat with some other people at lunch, I hung out with other more caring friends. I was in control. Theo left the next year to another high school. I haven’t heard from him since.
This is not an attack on Theo or his family. I’m just sharing my wisdom from that experience.

I learned from Theo many lessons;

One: Treat your body like a temple.
Now I didn’t truly get this until I became vegan, but I was always made a commitment to get physical exercise. When I was a teenager I wasn’t perfect at my diet, but I was cultivating better habits. Now I get daily exercise, intermittent fast and go to the gym 3x a week. Theo and his family showed me how disgusting one can get if one neglects his or her body. The human body was made to be lean, not a giant blimp. They could barely move around, let alone do a sport. It was a sad way to live.

Two: Be humble
No matter how smart you are, or how far you think you’ve come in life, there is always more to learn and do. Theo and his family were arrogant. They thought they knew everything. They were very conservative and were never open to new few points. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Life is about constant movement. If we think we know everything we rob yourselves of learning and experiencing new things!

Three: Love yourself to say no
Now, this may sound cheesy, because it is. However, I tolerated Theo’s verbal abuse because I didn’t love myself enough to tell him to stop. My mother told me to “not be a doormat” but that wasn’t a loving way to say no. Of course, I shouldn’t be a doormat, but if you loved yourself unconditionally, you wouldn’t find yourself in a doormat position! True love does not tolerate harm. Only hate tolerates harm. I see a lot of people on Reddit struggling with assertiveness. Its hard to stand up for ourselves sometimes. But ask yourself “If I loved myself a 100% would I tolerate this person in my life?” If the answers no, you gotta cut them off. No one deserves a Theo in their life.

I’m so happy to share my story, thank you for reading. I’m curious if you had some similar stories! Comment below, I want to hear your experience!

Keep it bright!

How to let go of shit

Hello wonderful people!

Today I felt inspired to write you about how to let go of shit. What is shit? Stuff. Hindering. Internal. Transformation.  I can tell you just three years ago I was full of shit. I was a  19-year-old, living in a country far away from home.  For those that don’t know me, I’m a Polish American. I was born and raised in the states, but both of my parents are Polish.  I moved to Poland three years ago to study for free. My whole world changed, but I brought all my shit with me.

What kind of shit? I was overweight, had no friends, no idea what to study or what to do. It felt like I was lost in a forest without a map. I originally came to study computer science so I could “earn a living and do acting on the side.”  Not a very well thought out plan. I ended up doing a gap year(a year of not studying, just thinking over things)- to my parent’s dismay.  This was a very emotional time for me. As a man, we’re taught to believe that we should have a mission, a purpose, something to strive for. I had none of that and I never felt so bad in my life.  Luckily, I’ve changed, and I know I can help somebody change.  Here are some of my recommendations to let go of shit.

It’s time to be free of your shit!

1: Circumstances don’t matter, only my state of being matters.

This little quote has guided me to lead more fulfilling life than anything else I have read. I got this from one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Bashar- a.ka. Darryl Anka.  We all have something to be grateful for, something we deeply appreciate.  When I was going through my growing period, I wasn’t aware of how abundant I truly was. I was living in a house, I lived in a great neighboorhood, I had access to infinite knowledge through the internet- but yet I all I saw was darkness.  Can you be happy, just because you want to be? The answer is yes! We always have control of what we focus on in life! Once you focus on what is awesome in your life, you will feel better and you will get out of any “hole” you think you are in!

2: Love yourself as the true divine being that you are

In the great book “A course in miracles” it states “You are the work of God, and His work is wholly lovable and wholly loving. This is how a man must think of himself in his heart, because this is what he is.” You are a divine being having a human experience. Have fun! Can you love yourself just because you exist? Just because you are here? I wish three years ago I knew this fact. Our true nature is to be loving and kind. Can you give yourself that same loving and kindness gaze towards yourself?  I think for men, we’re scared about being loving. That we’ll be called “gay” or “queer.” Well here’s my answer to that. Life is too short to hate yourself.  Life is too short to be hateful and hurtful to yourself and others. I would risk being called gay for that.

3: Always keep learning

The biggest change for me in my life happened when I started investing in myself. I started reading, going to seminars, and taking online classes on Udemy. We are so lucky to be alive. There are endless ways to learn and improve yourself. Back when I was in victimhood, the thought of investing in myself never even crossed my mind.  Then I watched a great youtuber “Fightmediocrity.” He reviewed a bunch of self-help books, and I started with one of them.

I used to read about one book a week, now I read or listen to as much as I can, usually 2-3 a month. When you invest in yourself not only do you become more valuable- you show yourself that you are worth investing in.  Reading self-help, auto-biographies and spiritual books have completely shifted my mentality of the world.  Knowledge truly is power! The more you learn, the more you open up to new information and perceptions which will help you get rid of your shit!

4: Question your thoughts 

Peace of mind is our natural state.  Stress is just a story that needs to be questioned. One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Byron Katie, created the work. The work is a series of four questions to ask yourself each time you have a stressful thought.

  1. Is it true? (Yes or no. If no, move to 3.)
  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true? (Yes or no.)
  3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

All your shit is just a story. My story of being lazy, not having a mission, was just a story! I always had a mission, a purpose, I just didn’t know it! I couldn’t find it because I was miserable. If I could talk to my past self I would tell him to always do this. I’ll do an example right now.

I believed in the past that I was powerless. 1: Is it true? Yes.  2: Can you absolutely know that it’s true.? No.  3: How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? I feel awful. I feel like sitting on the couch and crying. There is no hope for me. I don’t want to do anything. 4: Who would you be without the thought? I would be happy and accept my situation and feel better.

After that, you would do the turnarounds. For example, you would find the opposite of the lack belief. I’m powerless turns to “I am powerful.” Now I would write three examples of how I am powerful. 1: I can use my time not going to school to invest in myself. 2: I am in complete control of my emotions, that gives me power. 3: I’m a native speaker living in Poland, I can find work anywhere! There is more to it than just this but I think you get the idea. Now, I don’t believe my negative thinking, I question everything and I let go of a lot of shit!

5: Be present

Are you a victim of your past? Were you like me, and cringed at bad memories for hours? Well, that was a big pile of shit I had going on. Until I realized that I was creating that shit, to begin with. The past doesn’t exist. It is all in your mind. You focus on an event that has already happened that you cannot control over and suffer because of it. Even the people that hurt you are just now thought patterns in your mind. Let it all go. When I was sitting on that couch, my mind was all over the place. I was worried about my future, I was cringing of the mistakes I made about school.

All for what? I was creating my suffering. All of it. All of it was an illusion. There is no past. There is no future. All we have is now. Shit only exists in the past or in the future. In the present moment, there is only bliss.

I hope this helped you in some way,

With love and light,

Keep it bright!




What is the key to happiness? Perception!

Hello Wonderful people!
Wow! I’m posting two days in a row! What a shock! Hahaha! I decided it would be better for me to post every day. I want to see this blog grow- and provide value for you guys! There is something about working on something, even a little bit every day, that is very fulfilling. My aspiration is to help elevate you guys. No matter where we are in life we can always use a hand.
Now I’m just starting out with this blog. I’m starting out producing content. However, I know I can provide great value for people who are willing to listen. Now I want to talk about today is the miracle of perception.
The course in miracles( a great book, I recommend it to everyone) says that all error can be in perception. What does that mean? For me, it means our stories. How many stories do we have that keep us down? I used to believe I was stupid. I’m curious on how many other people on this planet used to or even still believe in such a detrimental story.
What really has helped me realize that we can choose what we see. Really. Self-image is just a choice. We can look in the mirror and choose to see a loser or a champion, no matter what the circumstance. Everything in life is subjective. So the question is, why not see everything the best way you can?
Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite authors says “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Nothing is set in stone. A person you perceived as being a hateful person may surprise you as being a very loving person. You’re doing better than you think! It’s all up to you, what you focus on, what you want to perceive you will.
Why is perception so important? Well, a wrong perception can make your life miserable. Like I mentioned before- believing that I was stupid was not a helpful belief.  I made myself feel insecure, shy and not confident. No one deserves to look at themselves like this. There is no good reason to hate yourself.
In life, we have so little control. All we have control over is how we react and see things. In order to change your life, you got to change the way you look at things. You might not be able to change your circumstances right away, but you can change your perception in a matter of minutes.
Some exercises from the course in miracles are like ” I am willing to see this differently” From a spiritual perspective I like to say ” I see all in the eyes of the Christ. I see all in the eyes of source.” Source, God, all that is, the absolute, whatever you want to call it- sees everything as marvelous. Anything else is resistance to reality.
Now I know. There are people going through tough times. Poverty. Despair. I’m not saying if you feel like you’re in a bad place not to change your situation. Far from it! This is the blending of the east and west. The east says “Accept what is.” The west says “Yes, but we can change it too.”
I talk to a life coach once a week. His name is Omar Turner, (please give him a look on facebook!)and the main thing we work on for me is perception. I told him my life story, and whenever we I got into stages of victim-hood, he would help me flip my own perception. With his help, I was able to take action in my life! I started a Kindle publishing business, I went to meetups, I started this blog! I wouldn’t have done these things If I believed my own victim stories.
Imagine waking up with a powerful vision of yourself. Imagine waking up feeling that you are going to accomplish everything. Imagine looking at yourself and believing “I am awesome. I can take action and better my life and others.” Who would you be?
Heaven and hell are truly in the mind. We make a choice each and every day what world we are going to see. You can see a world of “problems” or challenges you can overcome and become a better person. I’ve had errors in perception before, but all error in perception can be corrected.
We can choose to see our life through the ego, or through the holy spirit. The ego always criticizes you, compares you to others, makes you feel “less” than others. You did not come here to be a slave of your ego. You came here to enjoy your life fully in abundance.
The biggest shift in my life came when I started to take responsibility. I am responsible for what I see in my life. Isn’t that way more powerful than looking your life through the eyes of a victim? Even small changes in perception can change your life. For instance, I used to hate taking public transport. I’m from the states, so I was used to driving everywhere. Now I live in Poland, and I use public transportation every day.
I used to dread going on the bus. I have no idea why. I literally would sit and pout for the hour it took for me to go to school. Well, that was three years ago, and a lot has changed. Now I love going on the bus. I read a nice book, listen to one of my Udemy classes. I think someday I get more things done on the bus than I do at home! It all started when I told myself “Hey, I can use this time productively.”
Before, with my negative outlook, I wasn’t able to see the great opportunity the bus gave me! What’s something in your life now that you are overlooking? What have you learned from your challenges? Is this situation or person as really bad as you think? A change in perception is all it takes.
Alright, guys! This has been one of my longer posts! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it helped you!
I’m Adam the People Helper
With Love and light keep it bright!

How to not care what other people think

Hello World! It has been almost a month!

Sorry about that! I was on vacation. I went back to the states for 3 weeks to see my best pal get married! It was a blast- now I’m back trying to help you guys become the greatest versions of yourselves!

I’m really glad I went to this wedding. I met a nice guy, he was in the coast guard. Let’s call him Bob to keep his privacy. Now, Bob was only 19 but I could see he was going places. His friends didn’t think so. They would call him names. The other military dudes would call him a pussy.

One of his other “friends” told Bob’s friends about an embarrassing sex story and he became the butt of everyone’s jokes. Now I didn’t intervene, because I was in a foreign state, Wisconsin, and I didn’t want to upset anything for my friend’s wedding.  I did approach him however and we talked.

He told me how at one point in his life he wanted to kill himself because he couldn’t take all the ridicule of other people.  He was just about to hang himself when his parents came into the house. If it weren’t for their intervention, he wouldn’t be with us today.

Now, I know not many of us can 100% relate to this. I was bullied too, but not to a point where I wanted to kill myself. But we don’t always kill ourselves physically. We kill ourselves emotionally. The negative voices of others can overwhelm our own inner voice. We believe in other people’s projections of us.

I’ve come to recognize that other people’ opinion don’t really matter.  Self-talk creates your reality. Only hurt people hurt people. Each and every one of those guys that made fun of Bob were in their own way insecure and hurting in the inside.

We don’t need any person any “thing” to validate your greatness. We are divine, spiritual beings. You don’t have to believe in spirituality to love yourself so much you don’t care what others say about you. You came here to be powerful, to be bold, to love. The ones who attack just believe in lack.

For all the Bobs out there. You are loved. You are powerful. No matter how bleak the darkness looks, there is always the light.

That’s all for today,

With love and light,

Keep it bright!


Jak zmienić sposób myślenia na pozytywny

Witam was bardzo serdecznie.
Czy czasami myślisz tylko o czarnych rzeczach? Czy ciągle pamiętasz jak twój chłopak Ci zdradził? Czy wydaje czy ci się że wszytko jest bez sensu i do niczego? Nie przejmuj się. Też tak sobie żyłem. Nie było piękne. Ale przez trudną pracę nad sobą udało mi się pokonać moich myśl. Mam dla was 3 porady jak zmienić twój negatywny myśli na pozytywny.

1: Daj sobie sprawę że sam kontrolujesz twoje myśli
Wiem, że momentami może Ci wydarzać że nie masz kontroli na twoimi myślami. Ale prawo jest taki że sam decydujesz jak w kierować twoje myśli. Viktor Frankal ,był ocalałym z holokaustu i autorem ksiąski “Człowiek w poszukiwaniu sensu” Odpowiadał kiedy jego sytuację wyglądał beznadziejne, pomyślał o czymś pozytywnego. Często wyobrażał że jego żona była obok niego. Dzięki jego kierowaniu myśli, przyzywał 3 obozy koncentracyjny.

2: Zrób pracę
Co jest praca? Praca jest po prostu cztery pytanie. Zapytasz sobie tych pytanie każde raz kiedy czujesz negatywny emocji. Pamiętaj, tylko czujesz się źle bo wierzysz w twoich nieprawdziwymi myślami.
1:Czy to jest prawda?
2:Czy możesz mieć absolutną pewność, że to prawda?
3:Jak reagujesz, co dzieje się, gdy wierzysz, że ta myśl jest prawdziwa?
4: Kim byłbyś bez tej myśli?
Zrobiłem dla was filmik własnie o tym temacie.
Cierpienie jest tylko myślą. Wiem że może wydaj wam że to jest zbyt proste, ale spróbuj. Poświęć 10-15 minut na to i zobaczysz że twoje problemy i niepokoje są tylko złudzeniami.

3: Jest tylko jedną prawdziwe myśl- miłość
Reguła oparta na doświadczeniu jest że kiedy czujesz się źle myślisz coś jest zły i fałszywy. Kropka. Nie jest prawda. Prawda jest tylko miłość. W perspektywie duchowym, twoje “wyższe ja” albo duch, tylko wierze w miłość radości i spokoju. Kiedy myślisz negatywnie, myślisz w niezgodzie z twoim wyższą naturą. My jako ludzie, wiemy tak mało o naszym życiu- co jest rzeczywiste. Źródła wszystkiego, Bóg, miłość, Tao, natura, co chcesz jej nazywać, zawsze Cie prowadzi. Daje Cie znać kiedy myślisz w zgodzie z nim (dobry emocje) i też kiedy myślisz przeciw niego. (I wtedy czujesz się negatywnie.) To jest tylko sygnał żebyś wrócił do twoje naturalne sposób myślenie- czyli pozytywny. To jest praca twoje ciało emocjonalnego. Kiedy czujesz się źle, powiedz sobie że “Chcę to widzieć inaczej. Z twoją siłą woli, zmienisz twoją perspektywy na lepsze. Nie ma znacznie na patrzysz tylko jak!

To wszytko nie dziś. Mam nadzieje że to pomaga wam w przyszłości!

Z światłem i miłości!
-Adam, The People Helper

3 ways to have faith in yourself

Hello, wonderful people!

I apologize for the inconsistency I’m finding out what pace I should go with this blog. I think every other day would work. I also want to think about how I can make this blog in two languages. I want to become a better Polish writer and impact more people through my use of a second and even a third language. Either way- I’m here now- I want to talk about having more faith in yourself!

What is faith? In Joseph Murphy’s Book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” he says faith is just a thought.  Faith is believing in yourself- that you can do it- you can achieve anything you want. Many of us choose fear instead of faith. Fear is just believing in past manifestations will repeat themselves. Well, the past is in the past- having faith is believing that the future is going to be different than the past! Here are three ways I’ve found to help me live a more faithful life.

1: Recognizing you are mailable.

New science has proven that your brain is constantly evolving. Neuroplasticity. Our mind is constantly adapting and changing. That means so can you! No longer are we chained to our past! Everything can be relearned! Our brains are like plastic, we can mold them in any way we want them to be! More info check here! Impact theory, a youtube channel on personal development, interview Norman Doidge a  psychoanalyst, and author of The Brain That Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing.

2: Have a vision of your ideal self

Often times we lose faith in ourselves when we are not going towards anything. I remember when I was 19, freshly moved to Poland. I felt so sad because I had no vision, purpose or goals. I envisioned myself as a sad student for almost two years before I snapped myself out of that nightmare! When we have an ultimate version of yourself- you have something to “grow to.” Life is like a river. If it stays stagnant it gets sick. When we are constantly going forward to our ideal self we are constantly growing and getting better. We start believing in ourselves because we see our growth!


3: Being Present

This could be the best life tip I could give anyone. The best thing I could tell anyone is just in the here and now. We only lose faith in ourselves when we think about past failures or worry about the future. When you put yourself in the present moment of infinite possibilities how can you not have faith? You are only chained by your past. When you let go of all that junk and see that your life is just now- this very second. Eckhart Tolle said “Faith is trust. Faith is a deep sense of connectedness with Being.” Higher self-doesn’t care where you have been, all it cares is now. Where you are now. Connect with yourself, and all you will have is faith! Trust. Have faith.

Many blessings!



5 steps to be more joyful!

Hello, wonderful people!

We all want more joy in our life. That is the name of the game after all, joy. Over the course of my young life, I have dealt with problems and sorrows like we all have. Here are some things I use in my life that help me stay optimistic and joyful!

1: List of appreciation

This simple thing will change your life. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I know it’s just because I’m out of appreciating what we have. When we take 5-10 minutes to write down what we really appreciate in life it’s hard to stay gloomy for long. Sometimes I forget that I have a wonderful family, house, clean water, food, a nice warm bed etc. Just writing that makes me happier! I usually take at least some time in the morning to write down what I appreciate- or whenever I have a moment to myself. Finding that 5-10 minutes will really change your outlook on life!

2: Meditation

Of All the practices I feel like meditation has changed my life for the better. The act of clearing your head of thought- even for 15 minutes in the morning is life changing. Of course, you won’t be a Zen monk after meditating. This is like any skill. However, when you meditate you are literally clearing negative energy from your system. Imagine not having any cares or worries for 15 minutes or more! It’s liberating! There are many ways of meditating but I find 1 hour in the morning works best for me. For beginners I recommend the app paced breathing This little app helped me build my meditating foundation! Now I’m doing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditation.  They are guided meditations specifically made to rewire your subconscious mind! Get them here! I highly recommend his book “Breaking the habit of being yourself.

3: Physical Exercise

The difference between my days when I work out and when I don’t are like night and day. For me going to the gym is life giving. You are giving your body something it deserves. Now, for some, this could be a difficult change. Start small. For me, walking is the best thing ever! I used to sit on the couch and get fat. When I started walking I started losing weight and I was naturally getting more active. You don’t have to push yourself like a navy seal. Just make it a priority. Every day you should do something, running, going to the gym, or even walking for an hour! When you show your body that you love it by working out it will give that love back!

4: Positive reading in the morning

During my transformation from being not ambitious to ambitious, I would wake up early in the morning and read for an hour. This little thing has changed my life forever. Not only are you priming your mind with positive things first thing in the morning, you are also giving it exercise as well. Not to mention you can finish books way faster this way! My favorite book I read during that time was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s autobiography “Total Recall” I also highly recommend it! The more positive information you pour into your mind the more positive thoughts you will have! The more positive thoughts you have the more joyful you will be!


5: Give yourself time to reflect

What has really help me feel grounded in my life is giving myself about an hour just to talk to myself. Yes, you read that right. I go for a walk or I drink my coffee and I ask “How does Adam feel like today? What does Adam want out of today?” My life coach, Omar Turner-(I highly recommend his services! Check him out here! also does this. Giving yourself time to look at your life is crucial. You’ll have time to evaluate what is going right in your life and what you want to change. When we give ourselves time to reflect we give ourselves to take a step back and really focus on what matters in our life. For me personally, it helps me get out of my own melodrama and I realize how awesome my life really is!

Tolerance Vs acceptence

Bonjour! Hello! Cześć!

Today I want to talk about tolerance vs acceptance. What I’ve learned on my journey is accept everything but don’t tolerate anything negative. What do I mean? Well for example- you’ll see in my next youtube video, I’ve cut my hair. For the longest time, I tolerated having long hair and to be frank, almost a unibrow. Yuck! Today I didn’t tolerate it anymore and I got myself a haircut. This is a small example- but I’ll give you another one in my past.

I used to be in the marching band in high school. I felt so small. No voice. I was shy. I had like really self-esteem. I played the Tuba! It was the heaviest instrument. I hated going to practice, my band members didn’t like me. I have no idea why I kept doing it. I felt like it would look good for College. Plus I had a friend in it. Either way, I tolerated being belittled, ridiculed and spending energy and time where I didn’t want to be.  I appreciate the experience now, I learned so much about myself. Never tolerate negative people. Love them and accept them- but never tolerate them. When someone attacks you- tell them you don’t appreciate it. All attack is crying out for help- that’s what the course in miracles says.

Source, all that is, nature-loves you unconditionally. Even if you don’t believe in a higher power- you are loved human being! Why tolerate people who don’t treat you with respect? Most importantly why do we tolerate negative self-talk? “I can’t do it. I’m not smart enough. Things never workout for me.” Why would we tolerate such negative garbage programming through our system? For me, I actually believed I couldn’t do better. I felt trapped to be mediocre- and worthless. Don’t play the tuba- unless you really want to. We are love itself. Imagine if you loved yourself unconditionally. Nothing or anyone could hurt you. People will have their opinion of you. And that’s just that. An opinion. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you- all that matter is how you look at yourself.  Accept the present moment- but never tolerate low vibes. As soon as you feel them say “delete, delete” and replace the thought with something else.

Acceptance. Acceptance is looking at your life and saying “I am where I am, and it’s ok. Or even better “It’s great! It’s amazing.” Source looks at your life and sees everything. I mean everything is perfect! All it sees is infinite positive ways for your life to improve, to get better. It never dwells on lack. All is in abundance. All is love.  So why tolerate any negativity that you can change? Why tolerate destructive thought patterns and people? Just don’t.

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What is the ego?

Hello wonderful people!
Yesterday I posted on Facebook and my views sky rocketed! I’m going to be more active on social media! Anyway today I wanted to talk about our ego. It took me so long to understand that my ego, the sense of self, was my cage. I’ve become to realize that we are really like computers. We can have positive programming or negative programming. Why do we limit ourselves? It’s because we believe we are small human beings stuck on a rock in space. In truth, we are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience. Breathe that in. Isn’t that liberating? Now I bet there are some atheists or agnostics reading this. By no means am I challenging you or berating your belief system. But sooner or later we have to realize that we are being breathed. We are not pumping our own hearts. Our infinite intelligence or the subconscious mind is doing all those processes for us. Have you even thought about the chances of you being born? Studies say it’s close to one trillion. All this and we are are just meaningless specks of dust in a random universe? I don’t believe it. I know we are divine and I wish to awaken you and help you on your spiritual path. Our ego is this sense of separation from all that is. The course of miracles says that the ego is literally a fearful thought. Feel the difference between being alone by yourself in a violent universe to being one. Being apart of an all encompassing loving consciousness. Feel the power of knowing you are constantly supported. You are not separate. You are never alone. You are always loved and guided by an infinite loving presence. Your ego mind might find this absurd because it fears for its life. I came to a realization, that sooner or later you have to make a choice on what universe you are going to live in. The one of illusion ( the ego) or heaven(, the holy spirit) We know so little of our existence, of who we really are. Make your own decisions. I choose to live in a world of joy, empowerment, and support. We all have that choice to make. Love or Fear. I chose love. I chose a world of Union with my loving creator. Make your choice.

My book recommendation if you want to learn more about the go and overcome is “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle

That’s all brothers and sisters
With love and light, keep it bright!

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